Have you ever flicked through your interior design magazines wondering how designers manage to take their spaces to the next level? Furniture has a massive part to play in the design of a room, and you may notice that seamlessly designed rooms often feature built-in furniture! There are so many benefits of bespoke furniture, even more than just elevating the appearance of a space. Here are just some of the reasons why bespoke fitted furniture could be what your home needs.

Save space

Fitted furniture can save you lots of space in your home. Not only can you use the furniture for multi-purpose storage, but you can make the furniture built into the wall. This will eliminate the wardrobe or storage unit being an imposition in the room, instead looking seamless against the wall and integrated within your home. This could mean that you can do lots more with the space, freeing up your design options!

Intentional appearance

Your bespoke, built-in furniture will give the appearance that your storage was very intentionally selected. The fitted aspect can mean that your furniture is moulded to your skirting boards and cornices, which gives a more sophisticated impression than a stand-alone piece of store-bought furniture.

Personalised storage

Your built-in storage space will give you the opportunity to personalise how you organise your home. You can take the time to collaborate with the designers of your furniture, to ensure that each drawer and cupboard has a purpose that you can utilise. This will give your piece of furniture more intention, as well as making it easier for you to organise your items and have effective storage solutions.

Unique pieces

A benefit of having custom designed furniture is that no one else will have the same piece as you. As well as looking stunning in your home, you can make sure that your furniture serves its exact purpose according to the features of your home. It will also ensure that visitors will be jealous when you tell them they won’t be able to buy the same piece as you have! These unique items will take your home’s interior design to the next level.

Added value

Did you know that built-in furniture can actually add value to your home in the long run? A prospective buyer viewing your home will be won over by the fact that they can benefit from furniture that is already in the home, meaning that they can save money on selecting individual pieces. Extra storage is always sought after when home viewing, so built-in furniture is bound to win people over.

If you’re in the market for bespoke, custom-built furniture, look no further. Here at The Complete Wardrobe Centre, we create high quality furniture that is fitted to your home, taking your interior design to new heights and giving you the opportunity to personalise your storage! If you’re interested in investing in your home with incredible furniture, call us on 0208 777 1866 or email us at