Do not let an odd shaped bedroom put you off getting creative with decoration.  Whether you have just converted your loft space into a lovely new bedroom that boasts a sloping ceiling, or you have a very large space that you have no idea how to furnish, or a small room where making the most of every inch of space is vital, this blog will help you transform a quirkily-shaped space into the bedroom of your dreams.  Let’s take a closer look…

Sloping ceilings

If you have never decorated a room with a slanted ceiling and walls before, planning how you are going to fit your furniture in, and make the most of every inch of space may seem a little daunting at first, and will require a bit of ‘out of the box’ thinking.  However, once you get started and use the special contours of the room to your advantage, you will find that decorating a room with a slanted ceiling will mean you can create a unique and rewarding space.

Sloped ceilings have a dramatic appearance, so rather than trying to decorate the room like any other and ignore that it is there, make the ceiling and the proportions of the room the stand-out statement feature.  Here are a few tricks to help accentuate a sloping ceiling:

Use lighting to show off a slanted ceiling – this can help prevent too many dark corners and shadows.  Strategically placed lighting can help you add structure to your room.  You can use different types of lighting to differentiate the areas; softly lit lamps by the bedside, brighter spots in a reading area or to accentuate beams, and brighter lamps in a workspace or dressing area will do the trick.

Alternatively, you may want to flood your bedroom with as much natural light and ventilation as possible by adding additional windows and skylights into a slanted ceiling.  It not only looks impressive, but it will also open up the room to create an airy, light space during the day.  After sunset you will be able to enjoy the wonder of the night sky.  Combine skylights with the right blend of ambient and strategically placed lighting and you will have a bedroom that oozes appeal at all times of the day and night.

Utilise space from floor to ceiling – slanted ceilings make it difficult to use the full height of a room and it may be difficult to fit in a standard, off the shelf wardrobe without leaving a trail of wasted unutilised space.  Instead, consider bespoke furniture that can be customised to meet your specific needs of a room.  A made-to-measure shelving system or fitted wardrobes will ensure you do not waste an inch of space and will make short work of sloping ceilings, uneven floors, and unusual floorplans.  You may decide to compensate for the lack of wall-mounted storage space by filling the periphery of the room with smart bookshelves and bespoke storage units.   Space under the eaves is another great storage facility that can be utilised most effectively with some custom-made furniture.

Use colour to your advantage

Light, bright colours are well known to create the illusion of a much bigger space, so if you are working with a smaller room, make sure your main colour is simple and neutral.  However, don’t be afraid to accentuate features or corners of the room with darker colours or patterned wallpaper.  If you are working with a slanted ceiling, why not try painting the gable end a darker shade?  The eye will be drawn to this are upon entering and will create the illusion of depth and structure to the room.  If you have a narrow room coupled with a slanted ceiling, try adding some transverse wood cladding or wallpaper with a transverse design to create the illusion of added width.

If your room is on the larger size, you may want to experiment with a slightly darker shades or create a large feature wall that displays a bold or textured feature.

Don’t stress about balance

We seem to naturally try to create balance when designing the layout of a room, but sometimes this is not always possible to create.  If you have a smaller room, compromise will be important.  You may have to give up the notion of having two bedside tables and opt for one instead in order to have the bed you want.   It is sometimes better to do things with conviction and work with the space you have available rather than trying to conform to what is considered ‘normal’ in a space that is anything but.

Break up a large room

There are so many advantages to having a very large bedroom but, nailing the layout of a big space can actually prove difficult.  The temptation is always to put all the furniture around the edges of the room, leaving a big empty space in the middle.  While this may appeal to some, it often wastes a lot of space and proves difficult to create ‘areas’ in the room.  If you have a large bedroom space, you may want to think about dividing the room into a few different areas such as a snug, reading area to relax, or a dressing/make up area where there is more light available etc.  Have you ever considered a floating headboard?  These are a great way to divide a space and can be used to screen off a section behind the bed to use for a specific function (like wardrobes or a dressing area for example).

If you have a very high ceiling, a mezzanine level may be a possibility. These make great spaces for a reading or chill out area, or even an additional sleeping space.  This is particularly a good feature for a child’s bedroom, as it will add an element of the fun to the room too.

Lots of advice to take into consideration when working with quirkily shaped rooms.  The biggest obstacle is often a slanting ceiling but as we have seen, there are lots of great ways to turn their dramatic and grandiose appearance into a real statement feature.  As specialists in bespoke furniture, including for loft room furniture so, if you need any professional help, just give is a call.