With us all spending a lot more time at home, it is inevitable that we will be thinking about home improvements, particularly within households of young families where coping with clutter seems to be a constant hot topic of conversation.  Hallways seem to be the hardest area to streamline.  The abundance of wellies, coats, bags, shoes, scooters, toys and general clutter that congregates in the hallway means that we often don’t give the attention to this space that it deserves.  After all, it is the first part of your home that a visitor will see, so it needs to make the right first impression.

We take a look at some simple ways to give your hallway a spring makeover and have it looking welcoming, as well as useful.


Made to measure hallway furniture

Storage space is something most houses lack and often comes at a premium.  Fitting bespoke furniture will mean that you can utilise every inch of quirkily shaped space to completely repurpose the area into something extremely useful, while adding value to your property.  It is also a great option for creating a statement feature that welcomes visitors as they enter your home like this hallway we recently transformed for of our Bromley-based customers:




A hallway often tends to be a small, narrow space that won’t always accommodate standard shop bought furniture.  Even if you do manage to find something that works, there’s a distinct possibility you won’t be using the space to its full potential.  Whether, you want to create a storage solution to house coats, bike helmets, shoes, wine or for all your pets added extras, we can build a made to measure solution that will enable you to make use of every nook and cranny with a design that perfectly fits the needs of you and your family.


Use colour and light to enhance the space

When it comes to colour, most people tend to stick to neutral wall and floor colours to create a feeling of space and light (especially if their hallway is quite small and narrow).  However, when used effectively, dark colours can work just as well in a small space and are becoming increasingly popular.  Deep blues and greys seem to be the colours of the moment and can make a hallway feel warmer and more welcoming.

Hallways often lack windows and natural light, so adding mirrors to your hall is a great way to create light and the illusion of more space.  Another popular little trick is to use statement lighting.  Choosing beautiful, elegant ceiling lights or quirky one-off pieces that ooze personality can really create a showstopping space.


Use creative flair

If you’ve never hung wallpaper before, now might be the time to try.  It has made a major comeback in recent years and could be a great choice for your hall.  If you have a small hallway, opt for simple designs as large patterns could overpower the space.  Don’t be afraid to experiment in your hallway, after all, it is a place you will pass through rather than linger and a splash of bold colour or unusual pattern could really have long-lasting impact to any visitors to your home.

Feel free to browse our gallery for bespoke furniture inspiration and if we can help or advise in anyway please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 87771866.