Now that many of us have been confined to our homes during the working day for over a year and a half, it’s time to accept that it’s becoming increasingly normal to work remotely. Working from home is a concept that will now be commonplace for many companies. Due to this, why not make sure your home office space is as productive as it can be?

Whether you’re considering bespoke furniture or the right number of personalised touches, an office space that complements you perfectly will make your workday enjoyable and practical. Follow this guide for what to include in your office area to maximise your space.


The furniture in your home office design can have a massive impact on your work life. Similarly, your desk can affect how comfortable you are. If your desk isn’t deep enough, this can lead to an unpleasantly small amount of leg room. Cramps and knee pain will never be beneficial for the quality of your work! You could even think about getting a standing desk. These have many benefits – you can even alternate between sitting and stretching your legs.


Ensuring you have enough storage space is imperative. Cupboards and drawers are essential to decluttering your working day. For people that benefit from a minimalistic workspace, thoroughly organised cupboards will maximise your productivity. Storage such as filing cabinets are beneficial for your documents, allowing you to keep track of all the papers you may need.

Bookcases can have a dual purpose. As well as providing much needed storage for your books and work papers, they also create an opportunity to stylise your working environment. There are people who find themselves more productive when surrounded by sources of inspiration and creativity such as their books. For these people, bookcases are a great addition to the perfect home office.

Avoid clutter

Surrounding your workspace with creativity is different to surrounding it with clutter. Sometimes it’s important to have personal décor to improve productivity, but it’s always beneficial to hide clutter such as loose wires. With a bespoke desk, you can design ways to filter your wires into designated areas, eliminating the cluttered look and allowing you to concentrate.


Seating is perhaps the most important thing in home offices. Whether you prefer a cushioned chair, a wheely chair, or one with a straight back, it’s essential that you’re comfortable when you’re working. It may be an idea to invest in an adjustable chair so that the back angle is set up just the way you like it, and so that you can change the height to suit the position of your computer screen.


It’s important that you have a space in your home that is solely for your work. If you can, try not to double it up as a guest room. This will not be possible for everyone, but it’s much easier to stay concentrated if your office space is strictly focused on working.

Even if you do have to share your home office, ensuring that you have personalised touches will help you to separate the spaces. Home décor can do wonders for making your space bright and helping to inspire productivity. Although natural daylight is preferable, desk lighting is a good idea for the winter months when the sun sets sooner than we’d all like!

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